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Special Celebrations for all cultures

This natural beauty accessory isn’t limited to specific cultures, and is very popular in the USA today.

Baby Bump Henna

Pregnancy Henna is a relaxing and momentous way to celebrate the special gift of being pregnant. And, is made very popular by several celebrities who have shown-off their baby bumps! Inspiration can be found in our Belly Henna Gallery, and by artist videos found on our channel. If you are interested in hosting a Henna Shower or having Mehndi Pregnancy Photography done, you will find several qualified artists in our directory, and more FAQs in our Henna Prenatal Guide.

Bridal Henna

Many Muslim and Hindu weddings, treat Henna parties as a tradition. Artists create intricate patterns on hands, and sometimes the feet, for the bride and the entire bridal party, including mothers.


Henna artists create stunning, temporary body art for special celebrations. Henna is a safe and unique way to celebrate many special events. Traditionally Mehndi is common for brides, but it is not limited to weddings. Mehndi has become increasingly popular for showers, lady luncheons and baby showers.

Good to Know

Henna is safe and not permanent… Henna is a natural plant-based product that combines spices and lemon juice to create a paste. Mehndi or Henna, is safe, and temporary. Applying Henna, depending on the design, can take only a few moments for the simplest of creations, to an hour or more- especially for Bridal Henna. We recommend Henna art for ages 7 and up. Discover need to know details for what to expect during your Henna appointment in our helpful Mehndi FAQ page.