Face Painting

No longer is face painting just a group of volunteers at your local school or community event. Globally, the art of face painting has developed into a full industry, with top experts available for birthday parties and more! You will find the best face painters near you in our directory. Face Painting transforms your guests into colorful, creative additions to any party theme. Its fun to watch and perfect for just about any event.

Good to Know: Professionals only use FDA approved quality face painting supplies designed for the skin. Face painting isn’t just for kids! Adults enjoy face or body art, Mardi Gras and party painting is popular worldwide. Belly Art or prenatal baby-bump painting, has been made popular by celebrities- explore Belly Bump painters in our directory.

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Kids birthday parties

Face Painters transform your event in minutes into a themed and exciting party time with plenty of Glitz and Glam.

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Festivals & Carnivals

School Carnivals and Community Festivals wouldn’t be the same without face painters, complete with plenty of Gems and Pixie Dust!

Kiwis Party

Body Painting

Older kids, from teens, to all ages of adults, enjoy full body painting. Often found on the ‘club scene’ with Ultra-Violet Glow paint.

Our Face Painting Artists

Meet a few popular Face Painting Artists

Discover amazing artists through our blogs…Top Talent lists feature some of the best per city…in ‘Spotlights’ find interesting interviews and articles. Discover the best face painters near you.

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