Face Painting Contest

  • Open to All Experience Levels of Working Face-Painters
  • Open to Face Painters Worldwide, Must be aged 18 or older
  • No Fee to Enter
  • No Purchase Necessary to Enter or to Win


$ 200 Gift Card (ProAiir ) Grand Prize

$ 100 Gift Card (ProAiir) Second Place

Deadline for applications and art is, October 7th, 2018

This is an open contest for painters who have face painted for at least one paid event. (Either a paid gig or a booth-pay-per-face set up.) But looking for   “Working Face Painters”, and not volunteer-based artists.


If you’d like to get to know us better, check out our Welcome Face Painter page.


About Contest

Welcome to the first of several face painting contests offered by Funny Face Network. Professional face painters, worldwide, can submit their original painting designs. Entries will be posted anonymously until the contest ends, at which point artist names will be added to winning entries, and posted on this page. Funny Face Network reserves the right to display all contest entry submissions in current or future contests and may be used throughout the website, and possibly used on social media platforms, with credit to the artist.

Contest Details

Contest theme: Ocean and Underwater Fantasy

Contest dates: SEP 10-OCT 7 2018

Deadline for submitting entries: October 7, 2018


  • 1st prize – value $200 Gift Card 
  • 2nd prize – value $100 Gift Card


In addition to the First, Second Place Winners

  • “1-3” Honorable Mentions will be Awarded


Contest Description

Domain: Face Painting Designs. The primary painted area should be the face, however, designs can extend to the neck, chest, or shoulders. Full Face designs, not “cheek-art” are desired.

Contest Design Theme: Ocean and Underwater Fantasy. Paint as you wish – this is a very broad design scope. Designs that relate to Ocean, or marine life, might be (Examples: beach scenes with sunset, any ocean animals including whales, octopus, dolphins, sharks, coral reef, fish, sea turtles etc).  All things marine can also include underwater treasure, divers, boats. Underwater fantasy includes mermaids or other mythical creatures as the artist determines applicable to their design. Commercial icons like “Dory” or “Ariel” should not be submitted in exact likeness. Be creative and put your own spin on these ideas.

Paints and other Materials: Must use FDA approved industry-standard face paints, as the primary medium. (Not acrylics). Additionally, cosmetic-grade glitter, rhinestones, bindi or other jewels, and lip applique is also permitted. Paintbrushes, stencils, sponges, and fingers, are all permitted. Please, no  Airbrush.  Materials used must be added to the comments in your entry.

Model: Please use an actual ‘live’ model, not a mannequin, make-up head, or face-drawing stencil.

Entries: Maximum 3 photographs, each of a different face-painting, will be allowed. Please send only your work, must be original designs.

How to submit: Please upload photos using the form below. Upload all your photos together. Your name will not be published, all photos will remain anonymous until the contest is over and all winners are notified

Required with submission: Mandatory, detailed description of products/materials used including brands for paint, jewels, glitter, gems, lipstick. (Optional, you are welcome to provide a detailed description of how the design was created- either step-by-step or summary, what inspired the artist, and what process the artist used to create the overall design).

Recycling: Photographs used in previous contests should not be submitted.

Results: DATE. The results shall be announced on this page, and on Social Media no later than Oct 10th.

Winner Notification and Prize Disbursement: *Winners will be recognized on contest pages, on social media and will be notified by email. Winners will be provided a special checkout code to use on the ProAiir website, to select their prize based on the dollar value of their winnings. Shipping will be Paid by Funny Face Network (up to $10, per winner)!

Judges & Criteria

This month’s guest judge: Donna Nowak of ProAiir

Judging Criteria

All entries shall be scored by the judging panel. The criteria are:

  • Originality
  • Flow of Design
  • Quality of work
  • Color Scheme
  • Adherence to the theme, and compliance to conditions.

Good Luck, and Thank You for Participating!

Contest Form FP ONE

    By submitting your entry or entries, to this contest you 1) warrant that this is original work/not copied; 2) and that you, the Entrant, have permission from your/model (subject) to submit this image to enter this contest. 3) You also agree that Funny Face Network may utilize your entry(entries) in future marketing promotions and/or our social media pages with no compensation or notification, regardless if your entry wins a prize, or Honorable Mention.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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